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Kansas Foundation for
Agriculture in the Classroom


Virtual Tour: Cotton in the Classroom
Lesson Plan: King Cotton
Activity: Cotton Boll Activity
Book: Levi Strauss and Blue Jeans
Growth Stages: Cotton
Kansas Kids Connection Magazine (coming soon)
Dig Deeper: Cotton & Sustainability


Soil Science

Virtual Tour: Nutrients for Life Video Library
Lesson Plan: Properties of Soil E-Lesson
Activity: Educational Games for Students
Book: The Alchemy of Air by Tomas Hagar
Dig Deeper: Free Educator Resources

Ag Careers

Virtual Tour: Ag Explorer Field Trip
Lesson Plan: Careers that Count
Activity: Ag Explorer Career Finder
Game with Lesson Plan: Journey 2050
At Home Learning Game: Farmers 2050

Farm to Table

Virtual Tour: The Science Behind Your Food
Lesson Plan: Food Chain
Activity: Farm to Fork
Game with Lesson Plan: Journey 2050
At-Home Learning Game: Farmers 2050