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Kansas Foundation for
Agriculture in the Classroom

First Year Teacher Grants

First-Year Teacher Mini-Grants

Start off your teaching career with a mini-grant from KFAC. Use this grant to purchase the resources necessary to execute agriculture-based lesson plans in your classroom. Your classroom will be featured on the KFAC website and social media. 

Selection Criteria 

REQUIRED Applications must use at least one KFAC or NAITC lesson plan. or
10 points Narrative – description of the project, max 500 words
10 points Budget 
5 points Attachments (Offer letter and proof of graduation)

Eligibility First-year K-12 teachers who have been hired into a position beginning Fall 2021. 
Must provide proof of date of graduation and hire date. 

Amount Up to $500 for purchasing supplies related to agricultural lesson plans. 
Purchases may include but are not limited to garden equipment, supplies for hands-on activities, books, lab supplies. 

Timeline July 31, 2021 Application deadline. 
Winners will be notified via email. The list of winners will be available through the KFAC website and social media in late August. Winners will receive a check in the mail for 50% of the grant. 
Balance of the grant will be awarded upon receipt of the grant report. The report can be submitted at any time during the Fall 2021 semester. The last day to submit the grant activity report is Dec. 31, 2021.

Photos and activity reports will become the property of KFAC and may be used in marketing activities. Please provide photos of your classroom activities related to the grant. If you do not have permission to include the faces of students in your photos, please consider that when you select your photos. All photos become the property of KFAC and may be used for marketing purposes.

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