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Kansas Foundation for
Agriculture in the Classroom

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours


Kansas Farm Food Connection – Here in Kansas, you probably don’t have to shake your family tree too hard before a farmer falls out. Today’s farmers mesh traditional values with college degrees and high-tech tools. Meet the soccer moms and mini-van-driving dads of 21st century Kansas ag, and find out what “locally grown” really means, from the people who know best. Get the scoop on why they farm, why they farm the way they do, and why they’re so proud of it!

Kaw Valley Farm Tours – The Kaw Valley region offers a wealth of sights, tastes and traditions. The farm tour provides fun and interactive farm experiences, supports local farms and introduces individuals of all ages to the many faces of agriculture in the Kaw Valley.

Kansas Pork – This one-of-a-kind learning experience will turn Kansas classrooms into a virtual pig farm through the use of Zoom video conferencing. Students will be able walk through a barn with a Kansas pig farmer, see pigs, learn more about caring for pigs (including how Kansas grains keep our pig farms makin’ bacon!) and even to talk to farmers in real time during the virtual farm tour.

Kansas Corn – Renew Kansas and the Kansas Corn Commission are working together to provide educators with resources to teach their students about ethanol and corn. Renew Kansas represents the state’s ethanol plants, who have provided funding for ethanol lab supplies and have offered to give plant tours.

Kansas State Fair – The Kansas State Fair has been a field trip and educational destination for generations. Join us for 10 days of hands-on learning and competition at the place that celebrates all things Kansas!

Travel Kansas – Check out the variety of Agritourism throughout the state of Kansas, many of which provide tours.


My American Farm – Take a virtual fieldtrip without leaving your classroom with these powerful videos from America’s Heartland.

Discovering Farmland – Immerse your students in a series of dynamic virtual experiences that offer an exclusive behind the scenes pass to exciting state of the art locations that bring agricultural innovation to life and captivate students like never before. Standards-aligned companion activities encourage deeper student exploration of each experience as well as larger classroom discussions of key themes.

Nutrients for Life/Discovery Education – Check out their virtual field trips and curriculum videos.

Farm Food 360 – Take a virtual 360 tour through many different farming operations.

National Agriculture in the Classroom – Provides a variety of virtual tours for students.