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Kansas Foundation for
Agriculture in the Classroom

Downloadables, Online Resources, Kits and Materials

Agriculture Resources for the Classroom

Add agriculture into your classroom with free resources, free/low cost classroom kits, virtual tours, classroom games and much more.
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Agriculture in the Classroom

KFAC – Free lesson plans and resources to educators.

National Agriculture in the Classroom – The national curriculum matrix contains over 450 unique lesson plans for grades K-12.

Other Programs

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture – Free resources for students and teachers.

Discover Dairy – Lesson plans and resources about dairy.

Discovering Farmland – Virtual experiences, curriculum and resources for the classroom.

NAAE Ag resources for middle and high school students including lesson plans around games such as Teach Ag Feud and Are You Smarter than an Ag Teacher?

Purple Plow – The Purple Plow engages students through real-world, complex issues related to agriculture.

USDA – Agricultural infographics backed by USDA data to use in your classroom.

Online Resources

Agriculture in the Classroom

Virtual Agriland – Online Kansas resources to learn more about Kansas Agriculture.

Journey 2050 – Free online game with lesson plans for grades 7-12 that explores food sustainability.

Farmers 2050 – The at-home version of Journey 2050.

Growing a Nation – An interactive timeline of the history of agriculture in the United States.

National Center for Agricultural Literacy 

Other Programs

Ag Explorer – National FFA and Discovery Education created a comprehensive career resource for the agriculture of industry.

Kansas Farm Bureau – KFB has a variety of educational programs and DIY lessons for students of all ages.

Bayer Bee Care Program – Find solutions to bee health challenges.

Commonground – A national movement of farm women who want to share information about farming and the food we grow.

Kansas Beef – Learn about beef and Kansas Beef farmers.

Midwest Dairy Association Lesson plans, activities, webinars, and fact sheets.

My American Farm – A place for young learners to explore and discover food, fiber and energy with free games and educational resources.

US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance – Where does your food come from?

Kits and Materials

Agriculture in the Classroom

KFAC – Free classroom kits sponsored by the BNSF Foundation and The Pete Henry Foundation.

National Agriculture in the Classroom Store – Classroom kits for agriculture based lesson plans.

Other Programs

Kansas Corn – Free curriculum, materials, and lesson for for K-12. Seed to Stem teacher trainings and CASE trainings.

Kansas Pork – Interactive, model pig barns that can used as a teaching tool for any age group or event.

Kansas Soybean – Free resources about soybeans.

Nutrients for Life Free K-12 science based curriculum, focused on plant and soil science.