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Things An Apple Can Teach Us

The class will read books about the life cycles of apples, where apples come from, how they are grown, harvested, and used. Then the students will write and illustrate the stages in the life cycle of an apple using the computer.

Suggested Grade Level: 3rd – 4th

Time: 45 minutes per day for five days

Subjects: Language Arts


  1. Students will learn where their food comes from.

  2. The students will learn where apples come from, the stages in the life cycle of an apple, and how apples are used.

  3. The students will be able to write and draw in sequence the stages in the life cycle of an apple through the seasons of the year.

  4. The students will use technology to produce and publish their writing with a partner.

Supporting Educator’s Guide Chapters: Specialty Crops in KansasPlant Growth and DevelopmentMachines and TechnologyPlants on the PlateCareers in Agriculture