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Kansas Foundation for
Agriculture in the Classroom

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Plants provide food, shelter and oxygen for other living things. Reproduction in plants is crucial to all other life on this planet. The first step in plant reproduction is the process called pollination. Pollination occurs when grains of pollen are transferred from the male reproductive organ of the flower to the female reproductive organ of a flower. Depending on the type of plant species, a flower can produce male, female or both structures and pollination can also occur within the same flower. Some flowers are pollinated by wind or water while others are pollinated by insects and animals.

Suggested Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Time: 75 minutes

Subjects: Science, Language Arts


  1. Students will design flowers to attract pollinators and study the attractive quality of colors, shapes and patterns.

  2. Students will understand the different types of pollinators and their relationship to the life cycle of the flower.

  3. Students will understand why pollinators are necessary to help provide the food that we eat.

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