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Graze Like A Cow

Students will learn the biology of how a cow digests the grasses they eat, compare quality of forage (overgrazed versus healthy), and the effects of the animal's environment to its production.

Suggested Grade Level: 4th – 10th

Time: 120 minutes

Subjects: Science, Math


  1. Student will learn how a cow digests the grasses and plants they eat.

  2. Students will simulate 'eating' like a cow using their hands and compare amount of forage gathered in overgrazed situations compared to healthy grass situations.

  3. Students will determine the effects of rangeland health on the production (milk, beef, etc.) of a cow.

  4. Students will understand the importance of native grasslands to Kansas' economy.

  5. Students will learn about different management techniques ranchers use to maintain the health of native grasslands.

  6. Students will act out the roles of native plants and invasive weeds to see the impact overgrazing can have in pastures.

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