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Edible Soil Profile

Soil is one of our most important natural resources. It is the Earth’s living skin. Soil is a naturally occuring mixture of minerals, organic matter, water, and air, all of which combine to form the surface of the Earth. In this lesson, students will create an edible soil profile, study how soils are formed and use soil erosion pans to help them understand the soil structure, layers and the importance of soil conservation.

Suggested Grade Level: 3rd – 5th

Time: 70 minutes

Subjects: Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science, Geography


  1. Identify soil layers and characteristics of each layer.
  2. Define five factors that affect soil formation.
  3. Demonstrate soil erosion and identify soil water conservation practices.

Supporting Educator’s Guide Chapters: Soil: The Earth's Living SkinKansas CropsPrairiesCropland