Agriland at the Kansas State Fair

The Kansas State Fair, also known as Kansas’ Largest Classroom, has been an educational destination for generations. The 10-day event has plenty of hands-on learning, including the ever popular Agriland attraction. Kansas Agriland is an interactive exhibit in the Pride of Kansas Building where youth learn the importance of agriculture and the impact it has on their everyday lives.

Agriland is a partnership between the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, Kansas Corn Commission, Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission, Kansas Dairy Commission, Kansas Soybean Commission, Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Sunflower Commission, Kansas Beef Council, Kansas Cotton Association, and Kansas Association of Conservation Districts. To learn more about each Agriland partner, check out

As you enter Agriland, you begin to learn how agriculture touches each of our lives every day. You can learn how our livestock and crops are used in thousands of products from toothpaste to crayons and shoes to fuel. Children and adults alike learn about animals raised in Kansas and learn what they eat. The big MyPlate in the nutrition section shows the important role Kansas agriculture plays in good nutrition. You can also learn how farmers care for their livestock and crops and work to help keep the land, air and water in the Environmental Stewardship section!

Be sure to weigh yourself on the scale and compare your weight to the informative chart with average weights of all kinds of Kansas crops and livestock. The area also features a very popular combine attraction that gives participants the opportunity to experience a real harvest.

The teachers are all drawn to the Teachers Corner where they can gain access to free agricultural lesson plans, resources, grant opportunities, classroom support and so much more. Any teacher that signs up for Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom’s free Agriland bundle will receive monthly themed emails containing lesson plans with supporting resources including Kansas Kids Connection Magazines, videos, posters and more.

Together this helps to move forward Agriland’s mission to educate any school age students and their parents on the significance agriculture plays in our everyday lives, emphasizing where our food, fiber and fuel comes from and the best practices farmers implement for their land and animals each day.

Stop by the Pride of Kansas Building at the Kansas State Fair from September 6th to the 15th to experience Agriland for yourself!