August 2018 Teacher Feature

Our August 2018 Teacher Feature is Lesa Searles. The past two years Lisa has taught 5th grade and will teach 6th grade this year at Service Valley Charter Elementary School. This school year will be Lesa’s third year teaching.

Lesa was inspired to become a teacher at a young age. Her second-grade teacher, Mrs. Martin, helped Lesa decide that she wanted to pursue a career in education. In high school, Lesa worked as a peer leader in Mrs. Martin’s class and inspired her even more to reach her dreams.

Although Lesa does not have an agriculture background, she says working in an ag based school has been quite the enjoyable learning experience! One way Lesa is integrating agriculture into her classroom through their school garden. This is one way to teach children the growing process of many different plants. The students are in charge of planting the seeds, measuring the plants’ growth and harvesting the products.

Lesa’s students also get to see agriculture first-hand with the animals their school has onsite. “This year my students got to watch our school cows be herded into a trailer by cow dogs, then we were able to take a field trip to the sale barn and watch not only our cows, but many other cows be sold. My students got to see first-hand the many jobs and aspects other than just feeding and taking care of the cows that goes along with having animals,” said Lesa.

“I feel that most students do not realize where their food comes from. By learning about agriculture at a young age they can see what all goes into the food they eat on an everyday basis. They can see that it doesn’t just show up at the grocery store, that there is a long process and many jobs that help keep us fed,” Lesa said.

Lesa’s advice for other teachers is, “Keep doing what you love! We are shaping our future and even if we reach just one child a year we are changing the world for the better!”

Congratulations Lesa!