2018 Bookmark Art Contest winners

2018 Overall Winner
Luke Regier
Newton Bible Christian School

2018 6th Grade Winner
Phillip Cherry
Service Valley Charter Academy

2018 5th Grade Winner
Candelaria Morrison
Cheney Elementary

2018 2nd Grade Winner
Alden Ebersole
Service Valley Charter Academy

2018 4th Grade Winner
Nehemiah Regier
Newton Bible Christian School

2018 1st Grade Winner
Josey Weller
Lincoln Elementary

2018 3rd Grade Winner
Alexis Todd
Bluemont Elementary

2018 Kindergarten Winner
Bryant Bergkamp
Cheney Elementary

2018 Bookmark Art Contest – “Water Flows, Kansas Grows”

The 2018 school-year theme is “Water Flows, Kansas Grows,” highlighting the importance of water in Kansas agriculture and our daily lives. The bookmark art contest will also follow this theme. The deadline for submission is April 2, 2018.


-Open to all Kansas K-6th grade students
-Only one entry per student
-Each entry must be the sole work of the student
-Artwork must fit within the 8″ X 3″ border and student information attached
-Entries will become property of KFAC

Judging Criteria

-Relevance to theme
-Use of color
-Use of space
-Clarity of idea and image