Kansas Foundation for
Agriculture in the Classroom


Agriculture is an important part of everyone’s daily life. Keeping our nation clothed and fed with high quality, safe, and affordable products for our tables, closets and homes is what agriculture is all about.

When most children think of agriculture they usually picture a barn with some cows and fields full of crops.

KFAC is working to change that perception by teaching the facts about agriculture through a variety of projects and programs that provide resources to teachers in an effort to develop greater knowledge of and respect for agriculture.

KFAC would be honored to have you as an active part of our exciting foundation. Your financial support will assist KFAC in reaching classrooms by distributing Educator Guides and Kansas Kids Connection magazines to teachers and students and implementing so many other KFAC projects to ensure classrooms are connected to Kansas agriculture.

As a KFAC sponsor, you will also receive marketing opportunities through our website, events and annual report.

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