Thoughts about Janet Sims from her daughter

Janet Sims Memorial Garden photoObviously, myself and my entire family wishes that it never had to come to fruition. The loss of an individual, such as my mother, that was so vibrant, ambitious, and driven is not only a significant loss to our family but also to the education of students in the State of Kansas. However, that being said, I know that my mother would be honored to be recognized for her accomplishments within this organization and for its efforts to further initiatives within the profession.

My mother grew up on a small livestock farm in central Kansas and learned to respect the conviction to our land as a limited resource. She witnessed first hand the impact that farming made on her family as well as her community and demonstrated the importance of maintaining it for future generations.

Janet Sims teaching photoMy mother's commitment to the education of students, future educators and teachers was intense; she found a teaching opportunity everywhere she looked. She believed in the “hand's on” approach to teaching as she felt that for many of her students it would be their only opportunity to experience the world outside the confines of classroom walls. Whether she was planting native flora to the state of Kansas in the Janet Kaye Sims Memorial Garden, or bringing back samples of food from her many travels to places such as Australia, China, Vietnam and Siberia, she loved to show children their own heritage as well as expose them to the cultural diversity that is all around them. She believed for every student that the bar for education should be without limitations. She showed them how to dream big and taught them how to reach them.

I cannot begin to list my mother's extensive accomplishments and awards in this small space; however, I truly feel that this KFAC Scholarship would have been one of her most cherished. I know my mother would have been humbled by this distinction and would have loved to sit down and discuss with the recipients their plans for teaching agriculture in their classrooms.
– Shera Sims

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