bookmark art contest

Congratulations to the 2015 Bookmark Art Contest winners!

These authentic child drawings make unique gifts for family and friends. A winning set is available for a $10 donation; simply print the Bookmark Order Form, complete and return to KFAC.

Colors of Agriculture"

Grand Prize

Grand Prize Winner:

Caroline Miller
Reno County

Kindergarten Postcard winner

Kindergarten Winner:

Ayden Velasquez
Ottawa County

First Grade Postcard winner

1st Grade Winner:

Grace Middleton
Ottawa County

Second Grade Postcard winner

2nd Grade Winner:

Benjamin Close
Harvey County

Third Grade Postcard winner

3rd Grade Winner:

Bethany DeDonder
Lyon County

Fourth Grade Postcard winner

4th Grade Winner:

Jenna Valentine
Butler County

Fifth Grade Postcard winner

5th Grade Winner:

Heidi Middleton
Ottawa County

Fifth Grade Postcard winner

6th Grade Winner:

Savanna Nichols
Butler County








































Bookmark Art Contest Winners

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