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Each spring, Kansans are invited to take part in the Kansas Ag Day celebration, usually held in March. On Kansas Ag Day, Kansans of all ages are encouraged to participate in the celebration of agriculture, which is our state's leading industry. Kansas is a leader in wheat, grain sorghum and beef production, and our state ranks sixth in farm product exports, which were valued at $5.9 billion in 2008 reports Kansas Department of Agriculture.

There are a variety of ways for Kansans to commemorate Kansas Ag Day, and the possibilities are endless.  KFAC is pleased to present the following ideas:


Organize schoolyard plantings
Conduct a school-wide Ag Day carnival or fair
Host a KFAC hands-on assembly program


Participate in KFAC's Agriculture Art Contest
Assign special Ag Day projects
Take an agricultural field trip
Invite speakers to talk about agriculture
Eat Kansas-grown products

Home School Students

Participate in KFAC's Agriculture Art Contest
Take an agricultural field trip
Eat Kansas-grown products
Do gardening activities


Feature books on Kansas and U.S. agriculture
Hold Kansas Ag Day story times
Display Kansas agriculture's history
Invite speakers on Kansas agriculture

Ag Producers

Provide farm tours
Offer classroom visits
Donate sample product for classrooms
Sponsor a KFAC hands-on assembly program


Sponsor a KFAC hands-on assembly program
Feature Kansas-grown items
Run special promotions on ag-related goods and services


Proclaim Kansas Ag Day locally
Honor a local ag producer or company
Hold a special Kansas Ag Day event

Clubs & Organizations

Organize food drives for local food banks
Help local Head Start or other preschool do Ag Day activities
Record memories of retired farmers

Although Kansas Ag Day is only formally celebrated once a year, KFAC is committed to connecting classrooms to Kansas agriculture on a continual basis in hopes that agriculture can be incorporated into the classroom every day. For more ideas about celebrating Ag Day, visit National Agriculture Day and National Organization Agriculture in the Classroom. Don't forget to check out our Kansas Ag Facts, too.

Credit: Alaska AITC

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